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Hogs for a Cause is a faith based ministry, devoted to two great passions; the love for the Great Outdoors and sharing our faith with others.  The intent of the founder is to have a Sportsman's ministry using feral hogs as a tool to introduce others to the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Hogs for a Cause is a culmination of a lifetime of passion for the great outdoors and an intense desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to bring hope and redemption to His people (Jeremiah 29:11).


Hogs for a Cause traps and participates in population control events.  The feral hog population is growing exponentially throughout the state of Texas and across the nation.  Hogs are causing billions of dollars in property damage and crop losses.  The feral hog problem has been dubbed the greatest threat to the natural ecological system that currently exists.


Hogs for a Cause is not about meat but about changing lives.  There are untold numbers of individuals and families that do not attend church, have never heard the gospel message of Jesus Christ or have left the church for whatever reason.  These same people have a passion and a love for the outdoors. Hogs for a Cause seeks to minister to these people and disciple them, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Texas and beyond.






Hogs for a Cause has been given stewardship/access to property that is overrun with hogs giving opportunity to electronically trap feral swine.  In so doing we are able to provide the opportunity to fellowship while building and moving traps, eradicating feral swine and teaching people how to process their own animals to name a few things.  These events reduce the feral hog population and the meat eases the financial burden of local families.  Each event is accompanied by a short gospel presentation.  


Our current focus is to provide team building events and other opportunities to soldiers and especially those members of the Wounded Hero programs.  This is our part in giving back to those who have given so much for the cause of freedom.


Hogs for a Cause continues to partner with ranchers and farmers in order to reduce feral hog and predator populations.  The more success Hogs for a Cause has in the field, the more opportunity we have to serve our Wounded Heroes and ease the burden on soldier's families and local families. More importantly, it allows an opportunity to spread the gospel. 


Join us in spreading the gospel one pound at a time!

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Forever (Radio Version) - Kari Jobe
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